Sean O Dalaigh ran LTC Services and ripped off many people now he is running AIC International doing the same thing

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Sean O Dalaigh ran LTC Services which sold scam software then shut down and disappeared with everyones money.

This scam artist is now running AIC International and is continuing the massive scam right under the nose of ASIC and the ACCC.

Sean O Dalaigh is linked to Anthony Hartnett who operates similar scam companies Synergy Financial and S-Connect Systems. These companies are just scam companies set up to stael peoples money.

These companies use false advertising, fraudulent websites and untrue, deceptive and deceiving brochures to scam innocent people.

Both of these men are liars, scam artists and criminals and need to be hunted down and gaoled. Allof their private assets need to be seized.

This is organised crime and is being ignored by the regulators.

Review about: Software.


Perth, Western Australia, Australia #908449

Anthony Hartnett is married to Karen - she is the sister of Stephen Keating of the Gold Coast who has been reported as being involved in scams for many years.

Hartnett was the registered director of Synergy Financials and before that Sansar or S-Connect.

They just run the companies until too many complaints come in then close them down and disappear with the money.

These guys are organised crime figures who have no hesitation lying and scamming money from anyone they can to support their extravagant life style.

Irish *** artists and liars.

I believe you can contact - they are taking legal action against these criminals.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia #906257

send an email to we know where these scam artists live

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